Tonsil Problem

In children, upper respiratory tract obstruction due to enlargement of tonsils and recurrent tonsillitis are the most common problems. Tonsil enlargement is usually seen together with adenoid enlargement. If medical follow-up is required in the treatment, surgery can be applied.

-How Long Does Tonsil Surgery Take?

Tonsil surgery is a simple operation that takes about half an hour and the patient can be discharged on the same day.

– From What Age Is Tonsil Surgery Performed?

If it causes serious obstruction, it can be done as of 2 years of age.

-Tonsil surgery does not have any season.

Adenoid or Nasal Enlargement (Concha Hypertrophy)

There are pillows in both nostrils that enlarge and shrink, regulating the amount, temperature and humidity of the air entering the nose. The fact that these pillows are constantly large is one of the important causes of nasal congestion. It is especially common in cases of nasal allergy etc. The treatment is radiofrequency, microdebridement, and reduction of the pillow with techniques such as surgical method without damaging the outer part of the pillow.

Eustachian Tube Dysfunction

The Eustachian tube is a tube located between the nasal cavity and the middle ear that opens during swallowing and yawning, allowing air passage to the common ear. In cases where this tube is blocked or not opened enough, the air in the middle ear is sucked and creates a pressure difference between the outer ear canal and the middle ear, which causes the membrane to be pushed inward and disrupts the transmission of sounds. The patient feels this as fullness and congestion in the ear.